Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wausau Wisconsin

Looking for cool weather, not the hot Florida weather we are used to, we arrive in Wausau with a 98 degree heat wave. (It was a dry heat). We were hosted by Anne's brother Grover and his lovely wife Pat. Grover is a hunter and a fisherman, the two of us went to see his hunting "shack" and played in the woods while Anne and Pat did some shopping.

Our hosts had many plans for us during our week stay in Wausau. One highlight was that we went to the Greenbay Packers hall of fame. Where I practiced the Lambo leap. (It's not so hard when the wall is only 4 feet tall).

Also on the agenda was a Cheese factory where we were introduced to cheese curds, very good and also squeaky when you eat them. Chris took us to a local Brewery where we saw the local beer being brewed. Free samples were allowed. Grover and I got in a round of golf, I only lost a half dozen golf balls. The weather had cooled off and it was very nice.

We stayed at the city park which had camping. It was very nice and heavily wooded. And close to Pat's cooking which was very good. By the way, Pat has a great sense of humor and we laughed a lot.

We also had a nice day with their daughter Chris and her family. Beautiful house, nice well behaved boys (I later heard that they were well behaved without even being threatened) Anne and I commented after we left their house that it was like visiting Ozzie and Harriet's family.

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